Unique Process
Roll Me Some was inspired by a popular Thailand ice cream freezing method known as "Thai fried rolled ice cream".  The process begins by pouring our premium, all natural ice creme base with no preservitives, on a cold plate set at -32 degrees. The toppings are added as the creme base freezes.  Because of the distinctive freezing technique, we are able to create ice creme that is super creamy and smooth.  This quick freeze method balances the size of ice crystals and air that gives it it's amazing flavor.  We then use metal spatulas to quickly chop and smash the toppings into the creme base.  Once its perfectly chilled, we roll it up, just for you.
mixing the rolled ice cream base with metal spatulas
Who we are ♥
We are a group of 4 long time friends that aspired to offer a unique service and an amazing quality product to the wonderful people of the Central Valley.  Friends (from left to right) Josh, Heather, Mario, and Vanessa decided to bring a food trend to the vibrant foody scene of the Fresno/Clovis area.  With big aspirations and dreams we worked together to bring you Roll Me Some Ice!  We hope you enjoy the service and quality product.  We would love to hear your feedback. Please feel free to call us, or reach out to us on our social media.  Hearing from our fans encourage us to keep going! Thank you for the support.

We hope you..... Roll On by 😁
locally owned by group of friends