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Fresno Bee's Top 35 
Things to do in Fresno!
Roll Me Some was 5th on the list!  
5. Indulge your sweet tooth. How do you take your ice cream? Rolled? Sandwiched? Punctuation marked? Frozen with liquid nitrogen? We have it all, and we have the weather necessary to truly enjoy it.
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ABC 30 Coverage
"Roll Me Some Ice gives Valley a unique sweet treat in time for summer"
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) --
Rollogists at Roll Me Some are chopping and rolling ice cream.

"To see your ice cream being made from cream to just this piece of rolled ice cream dessert, the reactions are just amazing," Mario Vejar with the store said.

Vejar is one of the co-owners of Roll Me Some along with his wife and another couple. The new business is getting ready to show off their unique art at a pop up at Kuppa Joy Friday night.
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KMPH Great Day!
Great Day Kitchen, 6/8/17 - Roll Me Some
Chef Josh Durham , from Roll Me Some Artisanal Ice Cream visited the Great Day Kitchen to roll us some ice creme.

Roll Me Some is available at events around the Fresno/Clovis area. Click here to visit Roll Me Some online or Follow on Facebook & Instagram to see where they will be next.
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Roll Me Some Brings a New Ice Cream Experience to Fresno
The folks behind a new local business are working to revolutionize your ice cream eating experience.
Roll Me Some Artisanal Ice Cream produces ice cream in a completely different way than most of us are accustomed to.

“The concept of Roll Me Some is to elevate the ice cream experience and the flavor profiles,” says owner Mario Vejar. “The idea of being able to create new flavors and combos in micro batches is great.”
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Fresno Bee Featured Article
Roll Me Some makes ice cream in front of your eyes by pouring cream and toppings onto a below-freezing surface. 
Getting ice cream is always fun.
Now imagine watching your order being made from scratch in front of you, the cream freezing into ice cream in 2.5 minutes while ingredients like cookie bits and chocolate sauce are folded in.

This new-to-Fresno concept is called rolled ice cream. The ice cream is rolled into little tubes placed on end in a cup. You may have seen videos circulating on Facebook of rolled ice cream made on a cold metal slab in places like Thailand.
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